What we do

VAST turns mine closure visions into reality through geomorphic reclamation so today's and coming generations can continue to enjoy the landscape.

We believe that everyone has a role to play in making the world a better place. We’re doing our part by utilizing our skillsets as landscape architects and geomorphic designers to tackle todays problems related to mine closure by challenging industry standards and promoting long-term thinking. We geomorphically reclaim mine sites creating long-term stable, safe and self-sustaining landscapes that are beneficial to nature and human.

By going beyond compliance and working with best available technologies we help our clients reach their mine closure goals.

How we achieve this


We believe in teaming up with the best to deliver great outcomes and expand our thinking.

Knowledge & research

“Wisdom is a useless gift unless you share it”.
We believe in research, innovation and sharing our knowledge.


We are an active voice in today’s sustainability discussions and the challenges the mining industry is facing.

Setting a standard of excellence

We have high expectations, care and are proud of the work we do.