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VAST turns mine closure visions into reality through geomorphic reclamation so today's and coming generations can continue to enjoy the landscape.

We believe that everyone has a role to play in making the world a better place. We’re doing our part by utilizing our skillsets as landscape architects and geomorphic designers to tackle todays problems related to mine closure by challenging industry standards and promoting long-term thinking. We geomorphically reclaim mine sites creating long-term stable, safe and self-sustaining landscapes that are beneficial to nature and human.

By going beyond compliance and working with best available technologies we help our clients reach their mine closure goals.

How we achieve this


We believe in teaming up with the best to deliver great outcomes and expand our thinking.

Knowledge & research

“Wisdom is a useless gift unless you share it”.
We believe in research, innovation and sharing our knowledge.


We are an active voice in today’s sustainability discussions and the challenges the mining industry is facing.

Setting a standard of excellence

We have high expectations, care and are proud of the work we do.

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Matt Baida

I believe the creativity and innovation of a landscape architect positively influences the social and environmental outcomes for disturbed landscape reclamation. Mining has long been a key interest of mine. Working in exploration I experienced firsthand the environmental impact mining has on our landscapes resulting from our need for precis metals. Left with the feeling of wanting to benefit the mining industry I completed my Masters in Landscape Architecture in Adelaide, Australia. My journey now sees me delivering geomorphic landform designs in the sub-arctic landscapes of Sweden, where I reside. As a people’s person I enjoy a collaborative and communicative process, two critical factors to deliver high quality outcomes. I understand the importance of enjoying the work that I do and having a laugh along the way while being an organised operator with an appreciation for project economy and delivering projects on budget.


My experience has seen me work on numerous regional planning and development projects in Australia and now I specialise in geomorphic landform design and post-mining land-use projects, which focus on creative and innovative post-mining legacies for local communities.


Founder & CEO VAST Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architect LAR/MSA
Geomorphic Designer

Frida Holst

My background in both landscape architecture and business puts me in a great position to help you identify the solutions needed for your site from a long-term perspective. I believe sound and well-grounded planning leads to better outcomes with less economic risk. I take pride in making change for the better and helping my clients achieve their reclamation goals and create functional and aesthetically pleasing landscapes. Understanding my clients’ pains and gains and is key for making sure that the project solves the issues they face and ensures opportunities are acted upon. Flexibility and lots of communication are what smooth, successful projects are made of. Though handing me the reins, I encourage my clients to be involved in the project as much as they want to be.


I’ve been fortunate to work for some of Swedens leading mining companies, such as Boliden, LKAB and Copperstone. I’ve had roles both as design lead and design support in these projects.


Founder & COO VAST Landscape Architecture
Landscape Architect LAR/MSA
Geomorphic Designer

frida geomorphic design
Ramon Sanchez Donoso

Ramon Sanchez Donoso

Natural landscapes and their complex functionality are an invaluable natural asset that we must preserve, maintaining a balance with human development. This idea is what I try to apply in my day-to-day work. I started my career as a geologist, specialising in the applied environmental side of geology. I quickly became interested in geomorphological reclamation, a subject around which I developed my PhD. Since then, I have been working on the design and construction of geomorphological reclamation landscapes, focusing on one of the cornerstones of the method: understanding the characteristics of natural landscapes that we want to replicate in our mine environments. I strongly believe that good communication, empathy and proactivity are key factors to success, and that is what I try to bring to the VAST team.


I’ve had the opportunity to work on several mine reclamation projects developed in Spain, Portugal and Colombia, both in office and on site, and learn first-hand from highly experienced geomorphic reclamation experts.


Self-Employee working with VAST Landscape Architecture
Environmental Geologist
Geomorphic Designer

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