We make mining deposits look like real mountains with Geomorphic Design

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Natural landscapes designed by VAST

VAST specializes helping companies to successfully achieve their closure goals.

Think about it, have you ever seen a perfectly formed pyramid naturally occur in nature before? Neither have we.

Conventional waste rock deposit methods are designed using a pyramidal form with straight lines, using maximum slopes and sharp angles to optimize the waste holding capacity. This leads to landforms that erode, are unsuitable for vegetation establishment and do not blend in with the surrounding landscape. This results in ongoing environmental issues, maintenance costs, slow landscape recovery and unnatural looking landforms impacting local communities. With geomorphic design, we can change this.

We design waste rock deposits using a geomorphic design approach and principles. Using our method, we design waste rock deposits just as nature would have done it. But instead of waiting 10 000+ years for natural forces to do their thing – we do it by design, today. This means a long-term stable landform that does not negatively impact on the surrounding landscape but reconnects with it hydrologically, looks natural, promotes biodiversity and is safer to visit. The landscape can be returned faster to nature and people.

Traditional Mining Deposit

Typically ‘Pyramid Shaped’ – not something you’d see naturally occurring in the landscape.

Geomorphologically Designed Deposit

Designed with nature as a reference – looks and functions as a part of the natural surrounding landscape.

Geomorphic Design for a better world

VAST turns mine closure visions into reality through geomorphic reclamation so today’s and coming generations can continue to enjoy the landscape. We design and implement innovative solutions that help people and businesses succeed.

Leaders in Geomorphic Design

We believe that everyone has a role to play in making the world a better place. We’re doing our part by utilizing our skillsets as landscape architects and geomorphic designers to tackle todays problems related to mine closure by challenging industry standards and promoting long-term thinking. We geomorphically reclaim mine sites creating long-term stable, safe and self-sustaining landscapes that are beneficial to nature and human.

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Our team of professionals are ready to work with you and your team of landscape architects, engineers, designers, and planners to turn your closure vision into reality.

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