FAQs Geomorphic Design

What is Geomorphic Design?

Geomorphic design is essentially landform creation using nature as a reference. By designing waste rock landforms with such an approach there are numerous long-term benefits including stability and a landform better suited to a diverse vegetation establishment.

How much does it cost to construct a geomorphically designed waste rock dump?

Experience from projects around the world has shown that if implementing a geomorphic design approach from the beginning, i.e. dumping the waste in the right place from the start and not re-handling existing deposits, construction costs are comparable to conventional methods.

Will Geomorphic Design work at my site?

Since we build the model with locally measured parameters we can make sure to mimic the characteristics of the natural surrounding landscape. The landscape have been through millennia of erosion and weathering to reach a steady state. With this knowledge we know that what works in nature – can work on your site.

What is GeoFluv?

GeoFluv is a method used to create the geomorphic design. The essence of the GeoFluv method is to create a landscape design that mimics the functions and aesthetics of the natural surrounding landscape. The GeoFluv method utilises CAD software, Natural Regrade, which uses an algorithm based on fluvial geomorphic principles, allowing designers to achieve stable and functioning landforms in hydrologic equilibrium. Water is, next to anthropological factors, the number one factor in shaping a landscape. By correctly managing water, stable landscapes can be created. So, rather than fight the natural forces that shape the land, the algorithm helps create a landscape that harmonizes with these forces.

The software is also ideal for integrating with Global Positioning System and laser machine control to simplify the transfer between design and worksite, improve construction speed, and reduce construction costs.

The GeoFluv method has proven successful in numerous constructed projects internationally and is supported by research papers linked to these sites.

Explore these research papers in the VAST Knowledge center.


Does VAST work outside of Sweden?

Yes, we’re happy to do projects abroad.

Feel free to send us a message and we can take a look at your site and discuss things further.