Svappavaara conventional design


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Svappavaara phase 1 geomorphic design


Svappavaara Phase 1 Design

For LKAB’s current mining permit they have planned to deposit their waste rock using the conventional terraced lift method. VAST was engaged to explore a geomorphic outcome for the Svappavaara mine site. The key focus was to create a landform that would successfully allow LKAB to meet their closure goals.

LKAB’s key goals included

Remove all security risks;
Return the land to its original land use (reindeer husbandry, forestry and
outdoor life) or another suitable purpose where biodiversity benefits;
The pollution load to the recipient must meet established environmental
quality standards;
Contribute to the fulfilment of the environmental goals including a toxic-free environment and limited climate impact.

The key challenges for the design included

Designing within the current permit limitation, which included footprint and elevation restrictions.
Connecting the geomorphic design with the constructed drainage channel along the deposit’s western boundary.

The phase 1 landform design outcome showed it is possible to make a fluvial, geomorphic-based landform within the permit boundary and elevation that will accommodate the target 56,000,000m3 / 101 Mt for the current operations at the Svappavaara mine. The design output is based on geomorphic principles providing a long-term stable landform that will allow LKAB to meet their closure goals for the site.




106 Mton